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  • Goodbye Stretch Marks -  |  100ml
    This powerful blend of peptides, fruit and algae extracts and nourishing oils minimises the appearance of new and old stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight fluctuations.
  • Gorgeous Glow Balancing Facial Wash 100ml
    NEW! The perfect pregnancy safe lightly foaming cleanser to deep cleanse, balance and nourish to keep skin feeling super clean but never tight. Smells gorgeous!
  • Keep Calm Nipple Balm 30ml
    NEW! The perfect blend of Medical Grade Lanolin, Organic Coconut and Olive Oils, Organic Shea Butter and Calendula to relieve and soothe sore nipples. Safe when breastfeeding.
  • Lucky Legs 100ml
    NEW AND IMPROVED! This cooling gel eases weary heavy legs in a flash. Packed with energising oils and refreshing spearmint to revive tired legs and de-puff ‘tight’, swollen feet.
  • Megamama Super-Rich Body Lotion 150ml
    A wonderful blend of organic Omega oils and powerful antioxidants to strengthen, nourish and pamper dry skin that has been give, give, giving in every way. Smells gorgeous!
  • MIO - Shrink To Fit Cream - Cellulite Smoother|  100ml
    Transform ‘orange peel’ into fabulously fit skin for smoother, firmer hips, thighs and arms by kick-starting sluggish circulation and re-elasticising lumpy skin.
  • MIO - Skin Tight - Tightening body serum! |  100ml
    Our skin firming serum smoothes, retexturises and tightens to whip slack skin back into shape. Works wonders on crepey, overstretched tummies, knees, bumpy backs of arms, thighs.
  • MIO - Strong is the New Skinny Kit
    You are strong and beautiful and now your skin will be, too. No diet required. 3 perfect trial or travel sizes to give you smooth, strong, resilient FIT skin
  • MIO Your Fit Skin Kit
    Your gym bag ready set for skin that’s good to go – north, not south, bouncy not slack, ready to move! Your skin firming heroes for skin that’s smooth, gorgeously fit and happy.
  • Pregnancy Boob Tube 100ml
    Protect, cool and soothe pregnant and new mama boobs. Rich in organic Omega oils to hydrate and elasticise and natural firmers and antioxidants to strengthen skin and stop sagging
  • Pregnancy Essentials Kit
    These safe, award-winning Essentials protect against stretch marks and sagging so you bounce back quicker after baby. Plus, ease bloated legs and cankles. Makes a great gift!
  • Quick Start Shower Gel
    This multitasking motivator cleanses, stimulates, brightens and nourishes in one healthy hit. It’s the surefire way to kickstart your day – with fresh Spearmint and Caffeine.
  • Redefining Body Balm 150ml
    Indulge the skin with this high-technology body balm to prevent and minimize the appearance of unwanted stretch marks, provide deep hydration, and leave the skin feeling softened and healed
  • Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter  |  480ml
    BEST SELLER! Protect your tummy (and boobs, hips and thighs) against pregnancy stretch marks with our super-elasticising Omega-packed blend of organic oils in an organic Shea Butter base.
  • Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil 120ml/4.1fl.oz
    Protect your tummy (boobs, hips and thighs) against pregnancy stretch marks with our super-elasticising Omega-packed blend of organic oils. This is the gold standard in bump care.