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  • Fresh Watermelon Basil Body Scrub 12 oz.
    Prepare yourself for a juicy slice of delight! This fresh cocktail body polish combines Square One brand organic vodka, basil and watermelon seed oils with sugar and rice bran oil - for a luscious and refreshing exfoliation that renews your skin and leaves an absolutely tempting scent in its wake.
  • NEW! Green Tea Milk Wash 6 Oz. Plastic Bottle
    This creamy, gentle, ph-balanced daily cleanser removes makeup, dirt - even mascara and sunscreens - while leaving skin moisturized and soft. Developed to provide soothing comfort as you wash, since we all routinely scrub, peel and polish our faces. Made with nourishing coconut milk and Green Tea Extract loaded with polyphenols and anti-inflammatory properties for delicate skin tissue.
  • NEW! Spotted Leaving Lightening Serum 1oz.
    Selected Top 25 Antiaging Products for Spring by Town & Country magazine. This powerful multipurpose serum is for all of us who want the appearance of a radiant, more even skin tone. Used twice daily, our clinically tested advanced peptide visibly reduced skin discolorations more effectively than several leading prescription ingredients at similar concentrations, and across multiple ethnicities. Kiss uneven-steven goodbye!
  • Plum Chiffon All Purpose Shea Butter Balm 1.25 oz. tin
    Prepare to melt! Pure Shea, cocoa and mango butters have been combined into a rich, solid, scrumptious all purpose balm that melts into skin on contact, nourishing dry, chapped hands, knees, knuckles - even lips!
  • SALE! Matte Lip Colour: Forever (Hot Pink) 3.5g
    The Kevyn Aucoin Matte Lip Color leaves lips velvety smooth with a matte finish. The formula, containing special esters and emollient ingredients, guarantees to minimize wrinkles over time.
  • SALE! Sensual Skin Enhancer 18g
    The Sensual Skin Enhancer gives your skin the look of perfection! Versatility is the key to the Sensual Skin Enhancer, and you have complete control. Sheer wash of color or complete coverage, no problem.
  • SALE! The Essential Eyeshadow Set - Palette #3
    Whether you are looking to create a look that's timeless and classic, soft and sensual, or high fashion and chic, all come together in The Essential Eye Shadow Set.
  • SALE! The Lip Gloss: Absinthia (Bronze Shimmer) 5.04ml
    Kevyn Aucoin lip gloss is formulated with vitamins extracted from sunflower seed oil, castor oil, and lanolin oil. These vital ingredients guarantee the look of shiny and glamorous lips
  • SALE! The Sensual Skin Fluid Foundation 20ml
    Luxurious, ultra-lightweight serum foundation that provides luminous coverage. Available in 8 Shades.
  • SALE! The Sensual Skin Tinted Balm
    Sheer coverage balm that protects, moisturizes and induces a delay in aging