Color Maintainer Shampoo 300 ml

Milk_Shake by Z.ONE Concept Color Maintainer Shampoo 300 ml

Colored hair, in order to maintain its beauty and health on color and structure, needs to be treated with specific products, both on the cleansing phase and on the after shampoo treatment. The formulation of milk_shake < color maintainer shampoo > has been studied specifically to maintain the beauty and the vitality of colored hair. The combination with milk_shake < color maintainer conditioner > optimizes and increases its single action. It has a pleasant fragrance of sweet milk and leaves hair shiny, vital and soft.
> milk and casein proteins: increase and strengthen hair internal structure
> hydrolyzed wheat germ proteins: repair condition and add shine
> vitamin E: has an antioxidant and protective action
> detangling silicones: add smoothness, comb-ability and shine
> conditioning and hydrating agents: soothe and condition scalp and hair
> exclusive Integrity 41 (Heliantus annuus): protects color against free radicals and the oxidizing effects of environmental agents, maintaining a longer lasting, more stable and brilliant color

> INSTRUCTIONS OF USE: apply on wet hair, massage then rinse. Repeat if necessary, then follow with the most suitable conditioner or treatment.

Combined with: Color Maintainer Conditioner.

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    Color Maintainer Shampoo | 300 ml