Every tool you could ever imagine!


  • 8-Piece Petal Sponge
    Evenly apply liquid and cream based formulas with these tear away petal shaped latex-free polyurethane foam sponges.
  • Dual Ended Cuticle Trimmer/Pusher
    This dual ended nail tool has a stainless steel cuticle trimmer on one end and a black plastic cuticle pusher on the other for added convenience during manicure and pedicure treatments.
  • Eyelash Curler
    Curl and lengthen lashes with this stainless steel eyelash curler. The finger loops provide a comfortable grip while the inner pad helps position and hold the lashes
  • Foot File/Brush
    Leave skin smooth and supple with this dual sided blue foot file and brush. Use the brush side to clean and gently exfoliate. Then use the pumice foot file to eliminate calluses.

GIRLY GEAR Essentials