Made in Vermont on our farm; we grow, manufacture, fill and fulfill. Being located on the farm and growing our own ingredients help ensure the highest quality actives for our products. To be in the business of skincare you should own the process from start to finish. The majority of Tata's competitors are simply marketing companies, who buy formulas and outsource formulation, batching, filling, fulfillment and customer service. Tata calls them ‘beauty brokers’. Tata Harper never uses ingredients that have questionable health repercussions. Check out the Skin Deep Database. It was created by the Environmental Working Group. The website rates the toxicity levels of personal care products. Europe has banned over 1,100 chemicals as ingredients in personal care products, while in the US less than 50 have been banned. Because of this and more, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics was created (Washington D.C.) in 2002 as a public industry watchdog to conduct scientific research, monitor and report on toxins in personal care products for the benefit of consumers. Only Clinical grade 100% all-natural – synthetic chemical free and non-toxic ingredients are used. Competitors mix synthetic ingredients with natural ingredients and use marketing to brand themselves ‘natural’. Tata Harper uses only the highest quality natural ingredients including exquisite essential oils. Tata uses glass whenever possible and minimizes the use of plastic. She uses treeless labels. She buys our electricity from sustainable sources. Since she formulates, batches, fills and fulfills from one location she lowers her carbon footprint. Competitors spend more money on packaging than the product, using mainly plastics, which end up in landfills and the ocean. They formulate, batch and fulfill from multiple locations increasing their carbon footprint.


  • Aromatic Stress Treatment
    This soothing and uplifting blend of natural and organic florals and essential oils can help dispel anxiety and stress and promote relaxation.
  • Boosted Contouring Serum 30ml
    Firm, lift and tone on all layers of the skin - without a single synthetic ingredient. Address the loss of tone in every layer of the skin.
  • Concentrated Brightening Serum 30ml
    This powerful antiaging treatment is targeted to help correct tone and brighten the look of the skin without bleaches.
  • Elixir Vitae 30ml
    This super-concentrated antiaging treatment helps relax and fill wrinkles without injectables. 38 active ingredients rapidly inhibit wrinkle-causing facial contractions and help to replenish and redensify the skin for long-term plumping, smoothing and volumizing results.
  • Natural Glow from Head to Toe
    Rejuvenate, restore and revitalize the look of dull winter skin with this luxurious body collection, designed to deliver a natural, beautifully healthy glow from head to toe. This collection polishes, perfects and deeply hydrates every inch of the body while calming and comforting dry, irritated skin. First, smooth and polish the skin with our award-winning Smoothing Body Scrub; follow that with softening, strengthening and nourishing moisture delivered by the Revitalizing Body Oil, Fortifying Body Lotion and Redefining Body Balm. Finally, the Rejuvenating Hand Cream restores comfort and glow to one of the body’s most exposed areas. This Set makes the perfect indulgent winter gift.
  • NEW! BE SMITTEN - Pink Tinted Lip Treatment
    INGREDIENT HIGHLIGHTS: • Spanish Lavender helps inhibit muscle fiber contractions to decrease the look of expression lines. • Biofill Technology helps plump vertical lines and increase volume to maintain a fuller look in the lips. • Date Palm from Israel helps boost Type I collagen to decrease the look of wrinkles and slow the effects of aging. • Green Tea & Acai Oils are rich in antioxidants to help protect against environmental damage - 10x the antioxidant power of grapes. PRODUCT BENEFITS: • Helps increase volume to give lips a fuller look. • Visibly reduces appearance of wrinkles and vertical lip lines. • Deeply hydrating and conditioning for dry, chapped lips.
  • NEW! Clarifying Moisturizer 50ml
    The Clarifying Moisturizer is specially formulated for blemish-prone and oily skin types to provide lightweight hydration with a matte finish.
  • NEW! Luminous Defintion: Very Illuminating  0.15 fl oz / 4.5ml
    This pearlescent luminizer delivers brightening and highlighting effects for an overall dewy, healthy looking radiance. Its creamy formula goes on sheer, catching and reflecting light to brighten the look of the areas that the sun would naturally illuminate for a subtle, lit-from-within glow.
  • Repairative Moisturizer 50ml
    A unique blend of essential oils, including Rose, Bergamot and Geranium nourish and soothe the skin, leaving your face feeling soft, invigorated and youthful.
  • Restorative Eye Creme 15ml
    After several weeks of regular use this powerful eye treatment conspicuously helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dark shadows notably in the eye area. It leaves the whole delicate eye area appearing brighter and younger
  • Smoothing Body Scrub
    Enjoy an at-home spa experience with this lush body scrub, which thoroughly exfoliates and hydrates, leaving skin softened, smooth and glowing.
  • Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint - 'Very Vivacious'

TATA HARPER Essentials

  • Aromatic Bedtime Treatment
    A 100% natural and nontoxic aromatherapy treatment. This soothing, calming fragrance helps quiet an overactive mind to find deep relaxation and sleep
  • Hydrating Floral Essence
    This light moisturizer hydrates the skin against the elements, without clogging pores. A natural moisturizing factor found in the skin, Sodium Hyaluronate acts as a humectant, drawing moisture into the skin improving the fresh look of skin and minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles associated with aging.
  • Love Potion 5ml
    n this bottle, find liquid love – an aromatic blend of ten of the world’s most potent aphrodisiac essential oils to stimulate the senses, heighten sensuality and immediately inspire an inner sense of beauty and confidence.
  • NEW! Elixir Vitae Eye Serum 15ml
    This targeted and ultra-concentrated neuropeptide-powered eye treatment smoothes the appearance of crow’s feet and fine lines for a youthful look.
  • NEW! Luminous Definition: Very Bronzing 0.15 fl oz / 4.5ml
    This universally flattering medium brown bronzer delivers contouring and slenderizing effects with pure natural pigments. Its creamy, lightweight formula is easily blendable and buildable for creating a wide range of bronzing effects, from a sun-kissed glow to dramatic depth and definition.
  • NEW! Nourishing Oil Cleanser 125ml
    This gentle formula thoroughly cleanses skin with a silky blend of biocompatible oils and esters that dissolves makeup and daily impurities from pores while leaving skin’s moisture barrier intac
  • NEW! Purifying Mask 30ml
    The Purifying Mask was created to address the larger issue of chemical and toxic pollutants that we are exposed to on a daily basis.
  • NEW! Rejuvenating Hand Cream 50ml
    This luxurious hand treatment instantly improves the skin’s natural moisture cushion while restoring comfort and glow to one of the body’s most exposed areas. This 4-in-1 cream deeply hydrates, softens, regenerates and repairs the look of the skin, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid and Avocado Peptides deliver a plump effect by boosting moisture. Bamboo Extract, combined with our Estate Grown Beauty Complex, creates a rich protective barrier to defend against water loss. Rose Geranium and Magnolia Flower extracts provide nourishment while promoting healthy, radiant and rejuvenated looking hands.
  • NEW! The Multi-Masking Collection
    This mask trio addresses all of your skin concerns & incorporates all of your multi-masking needs. The Resurfacing Mask provides instant glow, the Purifying Mask cleanses surface impurities, and the Limited Edition Honey Blossom Resurfacing Masks boosts hydration.
  • NEW! Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint 'Very Naughty'
    Very Naughty: A classic, rich ruby-red with a dramatic glossy finish.
  • Rejuvenating Serum 30ml
    This rejuvenating serum dramatically improves the appearance and tone of the skin. Menyanthes flower is a powerful skin tonic helping maintain healthy skin cells, while Narcissus bulb extract increases skin cell durability, which helps protect the skin against environmental damage.
  • Resurfacing Mask 30ml
    This natural, easy to use and effective face mask improves the appearance of the face by eliminating dull and blemished skin cells with active Pomegranate enzymes. Rich in minerals, Pink French Clay deeply cleanses the pores, tones and moisturizes the skin, removes dead skin cells and cleanses dirt.
  • Tata's Daily Essentials Kit
    A complete travel-sized regimen that provides every step you need for beautiful, glowing skin.