• 'Bliss' Handmade Soy Massage Candle
    A delicate scent with notes of vanilla and soft musk plus hints of lily, hyacinth and sandalwood.
  • 'Sensual' Handmade Soy Massage Candle
    An exotic blend of smooth vanilla bean together with subtle notes of sweet coconut milk.
  • 'Sparkle' Handmade Soy Massage Candle 207ml
    A devine citrus blend with hints of fresh cucumber, jasmine, pineapple, blackberry and champagne.
  • 'Tempt' Dead Sea Bath Salts
    The unique, ancient healing properties of our mineral rich dead sea salts soothe aching muscles and ease stress while softening your skin in a relaxing, fragrant bath. Each jar is signed and numbered per small batch.
  • Agave Nectar Body Oil 4.5 oz. Glass Bottle with pump
    If you love a deep-soaking, luscious after-shower body oil, Agave Nectar will love you back! The scent is heavenly light - an oat/milk scent (comparable to a to-die-for tiramisu dessert) that women and men alike adore. But it's so much more than a body oil.
  • Backcountry Caramel Body Milk
    A sultry caramel dream! If you simply can't get enough of a warm, sleepy, vanilla-cinnamon scent, get ready for your next obsession! Our best-selling Sweet Cream Body Milk has been infused with a golden-caramel fragrance that rivals the finest creme brulee. The feel is light, and it pours like milk, but make no mistake this silky vegetable-based lotion will keep skin soft throughout the entire day. Made with our special blend of natural oils for maximum hydration.
  • Bare Unscented Body Lotion 236ml
    This 100% fragrance-free body lotion is ideal for everyday use. The unique fusion of coconut oil, sea kelp, milk thistle and white tea extract moisturizes, protects and softens the skin without scent, leaving your skin feeling smooth and protected. 8 fl oz.
  • Bare Unscented Body Wash 236ml
    All the luxurious lather and cleansing properties of an all-natural body wash without the fragrance. A mixture of milk thistle and vanilla extract with sunflower oil lathers into a rich, hydrating foam to gently wash away dirt and oil. 8 fl oz.
  • Belloccia Mini Gift Set
    If pink had a scent this would be it! Belloccia means irresistible in Italian and this seductively sweet concoction does not disappoint. Its both extremely luxurious and intoxicatingly delicious.
  • Black Cherry Bath Salts
    NEW! A truely rejuvenating bath treatment. These Bath salts contain a blend of sea salts and Epsom salts in a "Mouth Watering" cherry scent designed to uplift the senses. Soak relax and feel rejuvenated!
  • Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Milk
    This quickly absorbing, delicate blend of milk thistle, aloe vera and essential oils of blood orange and vanilla has a beautiful light scent. Safflower oil and sea algae hydrate the skin while aloe vera helps to heal. Rich in nutrients, it replenishes while making the skin soft. 8 fl oz / 236 ml
  • Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash
    Foams into a creamy, rich (sulfate-free) lather that gently washes away dirt and oil. Created with the mildest botanically-based surfactants from corn and coconut. Your skin is left soft and smooth. Follow with our Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Milk for a beautiful combination of clean and soft skin. 8 fl oz / 236 ml
  • Blueberry Bath Pure Whole Milk Soak
    98% Natural and completely irresistible - our rich, creamy milk bath brings buttery smoothness to bathwater and instant calm to irritated skin
  • Bourbon Bubbler Body Scrub 12oz Glass Jar
    An intoxicatingly decadent body scrub! Brown sugar and real Kentucky whiskey combine in this rich, gingersnap-pecan scented fine body scrub. Apply in the shower or bath-- it scrubs and refines every bitty bit of you, leaving your skin ultra soft, but free of the greasy residues that keep self tanning lotions from sinking in deep.
  • Butter Rum Brown Sugar Body Scrub 12oz.
    When a Werthers-brand caramel dreams, it probably dreams of Butter Rum Scrub! Golden brown sugar and premium aged rum combine with rice bran oil in this buttery-sweet, butterscotch-scented fine body scrub that instantly puts you in a good-time mood!
  • Candy Foaming Bath Trio
    In this unique Trio, Strawberry, Piña Colada and Cotton Candy are honored to tickle your senses! Irresistibly fragrant and terribly hungry, these bottles of 50 mL will put the sun in your bath water!
  • Cattiva Diva Hand Creme - Pump
    Principessa’s beloved hand cream is housed in a stunning new bottle with a pump adding more value with a larger size. The same great, ultra-rich absorbing formula infused with our signature scent is found in a custom white bottle designed to coordinate perfectly with Principessa’s Pure Piatti Dish Soap and Silky Saponetta Hand Wash on any countertop.
  • Clementine Sparkling Soak & Body Oil 7.3 oz
    A glisteningly-sweet dreamsickle of ripe clementine oranges will lift your spirits! This beautiful vitamin-rich bath oil brings an instantly silky, soothing feel to skin. Antioxidant rich Olive Fruit and Grapeseed oils combine with Orange Peel, Jojoba, Sunflower Seed and Apricot Kernel oils to nourish and calm the most sensitive of skin types.
  • Coconut Beach Body Scrub 12oz.
    Take a trip to the islands with every scoop! This creamy, gentle cleanser whips up on skin, exfoliating with sugar and apricot powder, while moisturizing with shea butter and coconut water. Skin is polished to radiance without feeling tight, dry, or stripped of natural oils.
  • Cool Cuccumber Bath Salts
    NEW! A truely rejuvenating bath treatment. These Bath salts contain a blend of sea salts and Epsom salts in a "breezy Fresh" Cuccumber scent designed to uplift the senses. Soak relax and feel rejuvenated!
  • Cotton Candy Love Trio Bath and Massage Gift Set
    Indulge yourself and discover the pleasures of gourmet massages with this Love Trio! Sensual moments of relaxation, to share with your Valentine (s)! Includes Cotton Candy Foaming Bath (50ml), Cotton Candy Sweet Massage (50ml) and Mojito Sweet Massage (50ml).
  • Exotic Bath and Body Gift Set Trio
    This real body care is a great collection of exotic scents! This set consists of a Pina Colada Bubble Bath (50 mL), a Coconut Body Scrub (40 mL) and a Mango Passion Soufflé Body Cream (40 mL).
  • Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter Cream 8.75 oz. glass jar with decorative box
    This Shea Butter whip is a jarful of comfort! Our lightest, fluffiest scent will swirl you into a dreamlike state with mint-julep, cream and just a hint of lavender. It's fresh, but uplifting and delicious at the same time. Try this cream if you've gotten too much sun - it swooshes burning sunburn pain into a cool oasis.
  • Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter Hand Cream 2.4 oz
    This Shea Butter whip is a tubeful of comfort! Our lightest, fluffiest scent will swirl you into a dreamlike state with mint-julep, cream and just a hint of lavender.
  • Foot Therapy
    Paraben free foot exfoliation wrap. Hypo-Allergenic foot and callus peeling therapy with AHA. Easy and safe to use for all skin types. Formulated with 33 botanicals No Parabens, No Benzophenone, No Silicon, No Sulphates, No Synthetic Dyes.
  • Fresh Watermelon Basil Body Scrub 12 oz.
    Prepare yourself for a juicy slice of delight! This fresh cocktail body polish combines Square One brand organic vodka, basil and watermelon seed oils with sugar and rice bran oil - for a luscious and refreshing exfoliation that renews your skin and leaves an absolutely tempting scent in its wake.
  • Fresh Wipes 25 Pack
    Fresh wipes anytime for the muff on the move. This delicate wipe lovely freshens anytime, anywhere. It's confidence you can carry. Fresh and lovely for your most sensitive parts.
  • Front Porch Punch Shea Butter Cream  8.75oz.
    This Shea Butter whip is a jarful of Summer! Scented with all the juiciness of season - strawberry, grapefruit, peach, mango and melon. One whiff and your mouth is watering!
  • Front Porch Punch Soap
    Whipped-diddy-do! This creamy, shea butter, lather-filled soap is 97 percent natural and 100% juicy -- fragranced with the summer's brightest mouthwatering fruits - strawberry, grapefruit, mango, melon and peach. The gentle vegetable formula makes it a favorite of those with sensitive skin. Wrapped in pretty gingham paper, Front Porch Punch soap is an uplifting addition for any bath, shower or sink.
  • Front Porch Shea Butter Hand Cream 2.4oz
    Our summery shea butter whip is now available in a tube! Scented with all the juiciness of season - strawberry, grapefruit, peach, mango and melon. One whiff and your mouth is watering! The supple butters and Vitamin-E packed Jojoba and Soybean oils calm even the severest of dry skin, without feeling greasy or heavy.
  • Gold & Caviar Gift Set
    To pamper your best customers / employees, this exceptional case is made of Gold (100 mL) Dry Oil, Bath Crystals (250 g) Gold Leaf & Vine, with a Body Scrub (100ml) and a Honey Massage (90 g) Gold & Caviar
  • Hand Revitalizer  |  112g
    This Hand Revitalizer effectively sloughs away dead skin cells and grime to reveal fresher looking skin. Infused with naturally nourishing Evening Primrose, Jojoba, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, plus the pure essential oils Lemon, Lavender and Rosemary, this is a simple to use, sure to be loved mighty moisturizing hand scrub!
  • Honey Heel Glaze
    A scrumptious bottle of love for heels and toes. This divine honey-based moisture serum seals in moisture and brings rich color back to tired feet. It's been called the Instant Pedicure. Simply brush on and rub into feet for chalkless bliss - no more white ashy look!
  • Isolina Mini Set
    Isolina or little Island is an exquisitely sheer, subtle, sexy and delicately sophisticated scent with a touch of whimsy. Top notes include violet leaves & mimosa (orange flower) blended with middle notes of rose petals & neroli.
  • Maintenance Blue Kit
    Elevate your mood with this spa fresh blend of lavender, clary sage and patchouli. It give’s ‘feeling blue’ a whole new meaning
  • Maintenance Green Kit
    Green means ‘go’ and with this sweet citrus fusion of vanilla, grapefruit and ylang ylang there’s no telling where it will take you. Fresh, warm and sensual… like the perfect sip of spiced tea and honey in a garden of vanilla and citrus blossoms.
  • Mega Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion
    Mega Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion
  • Moisturizing Body Cream 200ml
    With milk proteins and organic Argan Oil, this innovative formula of Milk shake MOISTURIZING BODY CREAM contains moisturizing agents and UV filters to protect and hydrate the skin.
  • Moisturizing Shower Gel 200ml
    With milk proteins and fruit extracts, this innovative formula of Milk shake MOISTURIZING SHOWER GEL contains moisturizing agents and glycolic fruit extracts that condition the skin
  • NEW! 'Balance' Handmade Soy Massage Candle 207ml
    Ginger and warm musk fragrance with notes of lemon, bergamot, hyacinth, green daylilies, freesia and peony.
  • NEW! 'Seduce' Handmade Soy Massage Candle 207ml
    A tropical blend of sweet coconut milk, pineapple, papaya and mango.
  • NEW! 'Soothe' Handmade Soy Massage Candle 207ml
    An intoxicating blend of French lavender, Egyptian jasmine, and vanilla - softened with delicate musks.
  • NEW! Apricot Super Rich Body Lotion
    This delicately scented, non-greasy body lotion intensly moisturizes and leaves skin feeling smooth and soft. Apricot Kernel oil is high in Vitamin E which helps skin retain suppleness and elasticity. Skin is left with a luscious, Apricot scent.
  • NEW! Orange & Ginseng Exfoliating Body Bar
    This refreshing & rejuvenating body bar contains organic orange and lime peels to gently exfoliate while ginseng root stimulates & revitalizes the skin.
  • Orange Pomegranate Bath Salts
    NEW! A truely yummy bath treatment. These Bath salts contain a blend of sea salts and Epsom salts in a "Citrus Burst" scent designed to uplift the senses. Soak relax and feel rejuvenated!
  • Organic Body Wash - Citrus Bergamot 250ml
    This luxurious formulation contains a blend of natural oils to nurture, nourish and gently cleanse your skin
  • Passion Pineapple Bath Salts
    NEW! A truely captivating bath treatment. These Bath salts contain a blend of sea salts and Epsom salts in a "Tropical" pineapple scent designed to uplift the senses. Soak relax and feel rejuvenated!
  • Pretty Piede Foot Balm 125ml
    Treat your feet to this delightfully refreshing and nourishing balm that softens like nobody’s business with natural fruit acids, shea butter, vitamin E and many organic indulgent extracts.
  • Principessa - Mini Cattiva Diva 25 ml / 0.85 fl. oz.
    Your Search for the perfect hand cream is over! Skin softening ingredients abound in this powerful prettifying treat with no greasy after feel that will leave your hands feeling like theyve just been manicured. A pea size amount is all you need. Warning: this stuff is addictive! Deliciously, softly scented with belloccia. Contains sweet almond oil, aloe vera and vitamin E. Lightweight feel, yet super moisturizing.
  • Relaxation Bath and Body Gift Box Trio
    Relaxing fragrances combine together in all around true body care! This set consists of a Verbena Foaming Bath (50 mL), a Green Tea Body Scrub (40 mL) and a Verbena Green Tea Body Cream (40 mL).
  • Seaweed Bubble Bath & Shower Gel
    A fragrant body wash or bubble bath that contains an invigorating blend of botanical extracts like Sesame Oil and Carnation Oil to soften dry skin, while herbal and Seaweed Extracts nourish and revitalize.
  • Silky Saponette - Hand Wash
    Baby your hands with this luxurious creamy hand wash. Enriched with beneficial ingredients such as vitamins and proteins to moisturize and cleanse without drying. Silky Saponetta is housed in matching components to the Cattiva Diva Hand Cream with pump and Pure Piatti Deluxe Dish Soap... perfect for any Principessa’s home! 265ml / 9fl.oz
  • Walnut Body Lotion
    A deliciously scented, luxuriously rich and creamy body lotion formulated to help moisturize rough, dry skin. Walnut Oil keeps the moisture levels at a maximum all day and night.
  • Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash  |  240ml
    A gentle Hand Wash infused with plant extracts of Aloe Vera, Willow Bark, Witch Hazel plus the naturally anti-bacterial cleansing pure essential oils of Lemon, Lavender, Grapefruit and Tea Tree. It's a super sanitizing grime fighter!
  • Brown Sugar Body Scrub  |  448g
    An effective exfoliant and mega moisturizer! Infused with Brown Sugar, the pure essential oils of Orange, Mandarine and Tangerine plus the naturally nourishing oils of Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel, Jojoba, Wheatgerm and Evening Primrose, this Body Scrub will smooth, soften and reveal fresher looking skin!
  • Conditioning Foot Cream  |  120ml
    Abundant in Wheatgerm Oil, Vitamins A + E, the plant extracts of Arnica, Licorice and Marigold plus the pure essential oils of Peppermint and Tangerine. This Foot Cream will leave your feet moisturized, revitalized and too sexy for your shoes!
  • Hand and Body Care Lotion  |  240ml
    Rich in Vitamin E yet light and non-greasy, this Hand & Body Lotion is blended with the pure essential oils of Lemon, Lavender, Rosemary and plant extracts. Designed to guard against brittle nails, slough away dead skin cells, moisturize and promote cellular renewal... this lotion is quite the potion!
  • Nourishing Hand and Body Cream  |  120ml
    This non-greasy Hand & Body Cream contains Beeswax and is fortified with the nourishing oils of Evening Primrose and Wheatgerm. Infused with Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Green Tea plus the pure essential oils of Lemon, Lavender and Geranium, this cream will guard against brittle nails, soften, tone and restore skin your skin's moisture. It's a hand's best friend!
  • Rest Assured Pillow Spray  |  60ml
    This water-based Pillow & Linen Spray is infused with the pure essential oil of Lavender and helps to create a naturally soothing and comforting environment. Sweet dreams!
  • Bellezza Box - 7 Piece Set
    This adorable kit contains some of our best selling products for complete indulgence. The new environmentally friendly paperboard box is perfect as a purse, makeup bag or gift for the principessa on the go.
  • Cattiva Diva Silky Hand Cream
    Skin softening ingredients abound in this powerful prettifying treat that will leave your hands feeling like they've just been manicured. Your search for the perfect hand cream is over!
  • Bellina Box ($75 Value)
    This super chic case contains all your favourite full-sized Principessa Beauty products.
  • Bagno Bliss 547 ml / 18.5 oz
    Create a spa experience at home with this deluxe mineral bath. Beneficial, relaxing and skin softening ingredients like aloe, vitamins, minerals & organic extracts deliver luxuriously pampered results with the refreshing scent of isolina.
  • Pink Pouf
    Pamper yourself with our pink Principessa pouf — it makes your Fresh Fiore shower cream even more luxurious and longer lasting, while exfoliating your skin at the same time for the smoothest skin ever!
  • Candelina
    Travel Candle A small, travel version of our Bella Candela. Hand poured and made with only the finest ingredients, we leave out all the yucky stuff like dyes, lead and paraffin. All natural wicks and 100% pure VegeSoy wax give it a clean, non-toxic burn.
  • Bellissima Bar 2 x 142 g
    Beautify your skin with our triple milled 100% pure vegetable base spa quality bar that is gently infused with our signature isolina scent
  • Dolce Dream Body Lotion
    Whipped Body Lotion. Pamper your skin with this deciliciously scented whipped cream that softens and smoothes. Lavish all of your birthday suit and be prepared to glow like the goddess you are!
  • Fresh Fiore Shower Cream
    Shower cream. Bellisima! Turn your shower into a stand-up spa. This bottle is brimming with a creamy foaming bodywash that leaves you feeling fresh, clean and ready to take on the world. You will look and smell angelic (halo not included).